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You will fight like you train, so
train like you intend to fight.



Achieving Real Results !


"The more we sweat in training, the less we bleed in combat"
( unknown )

To hold our own, and to be able to succeed in an unwanted altercation, we must be able to have some semblance of endurance. Plainly stated, we have to be in reasonably good shape physically to be able to perform at our best. This does not mean we should train relentlessly to increase our body size to the same dimensions as Arnie Schwarzenegger.

We will find that those with excessive body muscle mass actually are hindered to some degree by this muscle bulk. What we desire, as martial artists, is increased strength while maintaining flexibility and speed. STREET SMART training sessions include a thirty-minute workout routine that will have us in proper performance capability within a few short weeks.

From experience, our recommendation is to utilize inexpensive dumbbells rather than barbells. Our reasoning is that with two separate weights in hand, our arms and legs will each be forced to lift their own weight. With barbells, we'll find one side, our strongest arm or leg, will compensate for the weaker side.

Prior to these free weight workouts, we do a stretch routine that warms our body and helps to get the proper amounts of 'oxygen filled' blood flowing through our system. This also increases our reach when striking or kicking, and gives us a flow to our movements that is cat-like, by lubricating our joints as well.

Stretches extend our range of motion, and our reach, not only to be able to strike out when needed, but to "go through" our target. Stretching after a workout can also allow our bodies to cool off and results in less muscle fatigue and soreness. This after-workout stretching is needed, especially after a grueling couple of hours of intense exercise. Just as important though, is warming up prior to a hard workout so we do not harm ourselves.

We do two 2-hour training sessions per week in the Basic class, with about 35 minutes designated for physical conditioning prior to our open hand technique training. You are also encouraged to repeat the breathing, stretching, and weight training combo one additional day per week on your own. Doing so will have you in top condition within the first month of training.

Do keep in mind…rest between workouts is every bit as important as the workouts themselves. We must allow our stressed muscles to recuperate with a day off between sessions and a reasonable amount of good sleep.

Food, like oxygen, is the fuel our bodies run on. Fast food junk and sodas won't cut it. No preaching here, not much anyway, and we don't expect or demand our students to automatically turn into vegetarians, or health food freaks, but reasonable quantities and the quality of your diet naturally does make a difference in your energy level and physical capabilities.

Always, observe the wise sayings of those who came before us…

"Moderation in all things". ~ Andria Terence, 185-159 BC